About Me

Welcome! I am a family medicine doctor, whose main passion is preventive medicine. I have way too many interests. And I just want to add that I do not knit too much, and I have a very patient family. 

In my practice, I felt for patients who were embarrassed or had problems with fragile skin due to sun damage and time. It was surprising to me that there were so few products to help people have healthy skin. My own mother was quite a horsewoman, and loves the outdoors. She easily gets bruises called purpura, and skin tears. My mother is also on a blood thinner, so when she gets a minor injury, it can even lead to an ER visit. 

After seeing many skin tears in my patients, I determined to try to develop a lotion that would make a protective, invisible film on arms and shins to help prevent and heal injuries. May 1, 2022, my formula was successful (it took about 110 tries). I named it DermGard. Now, nothing is perfect. Short of wrapping my mother in bubble wrap, though, DermGard is her best chance at being active without suffering from the consequences of her thin skin. We hope to release DermGard later this year.

I've also been inspired to develop other products to make the skin healthier, or to solve other problems of sensitive skin. We're aiming for creative solutions, and welcome your input.

During these past two years of development, I was delighted to learn about formulating with natural products. I strive to use ingredients in as natural a state as I can, to only make products I would feel good about using on myself and my family, and to practice this business with the same integrity as I have done with my medical practice.

Please let me know if there are other problems that I might be able to address. This business is a labor of love, as I wish everyone to be as active as possible.

After all, healthier is happier.

Terry de Roulet, M.D.